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Vacuum angle valves

Vacuum angle valve
Vacuum angle valve are shut-off valves, that are often used in technical vacuum systems and are characterised by low vibration opening and closing. Vacuum angle valve from WERNIG are provided with edge welded bellows (the low cost version is elastomer sealed), whereby low leakage rates and high process safety are ensured.
WERNIG valves are produced on an order-related basis so extensive options are possible.

Standard equipment features:

  • Bypass flange: DN ____ ISO-K, blind-flanged
  • Measuring flange in suction nozzle: DN 16 KF, blind-flanged
  • Electro-pneumatic drive with 24 V pilot valve (closed when currentless) and contact-free end position sensors
  • Edge welded bellows with protective coating designed for 25,000 switching cycles.
  • Ventilation slot for bellows internal space serves for pressure equalisation (atmosphere) as well as orifice hole for the helium leak test.
  • Material: Carbon steel, bellows, CrNi-steel, viton valve disk seal, all other seals NBR.


  • Additional outlet nozzles
  • Other pilot valve voltages
  • Safety position currentless when open
  • Edge welded bellows designed for 10,000 or 100,000 switching cycles
  • Various material combinations possible, e.g. complete CrNi-steel
  • Outer surface painted according to customer specification

Usage example: Shut-off device for the suction side of diffusion pumps

Currently the size DN630 is available as standard and low-cost version!

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