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We manufacture single parts, small series, completely pre-mounted assemblies and systems for our customers.

Directory of services

Machining and processing

Enamel crucible with cooling channels
Modern machinery and well trained specialist personnel guarantee our customers products of a high quality. The most varied of materials are machined, such as steels, chrome-nickel alloys, copper, aluminium, titanium, tantalum, niobium, plastics and ceramics, to name just a few. Our processing options are turning, milling and drilling. Partner companies undertake surface grinding, cylindrical grinding etc. 

Sheet metal working, container building and welded constructions

double-walled vacuum boiler with fitted vacuum seal
Sheet steel, heat-resistant plates, stainless sheets as well as sheets made from non-ferrous metals are processed here. Protective covers, furnace installations, annealing boxes, annealing muffles, power rails, containers etc are produced in individual and small series production. Pump and plant frames of up to 3.2 tonnes can also be manufactured in-house. Modern welding and manufacturing processes and qualified staff also ensure the high quality of our products here.

TÜV Hessen

Approval for the appropriate stamping of materials and products for plants requiring special monitoring according to the (German) Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG).
  • Various procedural qualification tests
  • Various welder qualification tests

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Customer benefits

  • Ready-to-install components or assemblies including surface treatment or heat treatment
  • High quality
  • High flexibility