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Vacuum gate valve

Vacuum gate valve
Gate valves are especially short built shut-off devices, which completely releases the
line cross-section on opening. This gives extraordinarily high guide values. A further advantage is the use of slides as material locks. The specially qualified closing mechanism causes the slide plate to only be moved against the sealing surface and pressed on, when it has reached its end position in the entry direction. Also the slide plate will first be raised from the sealing surface before it is extended on the side. 
The slide is actuated by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder, controlled by a 5/2-way control valve (pulse activation). In the event of a power cut the valve plate remains in its current position, any movement that has been started will though be carried out to the end.


  • Coarse, fine and high vacuum plants
  • Vacuum pump stations and vacuum plants for build-up of material locks
  • Shut-off device for the suction side of diffusion pumps

Currently vacuum gate valve are available in the nominal sizes of DN 100, DN 150, DN 250 and
DN 500 mm.
Larger nominal sizes are possible and will be produced on demand.

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