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Water cooled vacuum gate valve

Vacuum Gate Valve DN 600
These valves are very compact sealing units that leave the flow area free, when they are completely open. This gives particularly high flow values. An additional advantage of is the use of disks as seals. The specially designed sealing mechanism operates so that the disk is only pressed against the sealing surface, when it reaches its end-position in the direction of turning. Also the disk is first removed from its sealing position, before it is moved sideways. The valves are actuated by a double operating pneumatic cylinder, controlled by a 5/2 way control valve (Impulse control). If there is a power failure, the valve disk stays where it is (If it has started moving, it completes the operation).


  • Rough, fine and high Vacuum
  • Vacuum pumping units and vacuum plants to build up material locks
  • Sealing unit for the suction side of a diffusion pumps

Model: The gate valve disk is water cooled, to reduce radiant heat.


Operating pressure: 10-3 mbarabs bis 0,5 bar ü
Max. Allow. differential pressure (from both sides): 1,5 bar
Leak tightness - body: < 1 x 10-4 [mbar l/s]
Leak tightness - disk: < 1 x 10-5 [mbar

Max. Allowable Temperature::

  • Housing ≤ 120 °C
  • Drive ≤ 60 °C
  • Control valve ≤ 50 °C

Material – valve disk: SS 304L
Material – valve disk seal: VITON

Surface outside::
Stainless steel gate valves are shot blasted mild steel gate valves are sand blasted, prepared and painted, RAL 7035 or colour to request.

Technische Details

Diameter DN mm 600
600 mm 2440
Dimension B mm 900
Dimension C mm 250
Dimension D mm 300
Dimension E mm 1440
Dimension F mm 740
Dimension G mm 20 x M16
Weight kg 600
Part Number Mild steel WER 02056.ST.WK.02
Part Number Stainless steel WER 02056.VA.WK.02

Options: O-Ring grooves in the connection flange und dimension F/G can be made to customer request.

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Installation instructions

The installation position of the disk is very important and care should be taken to make sure that the vacuum area to be sealed lays over the valve disk. The installation should only be carried out under clean conditions of a level that is usual for vacuum technology. If installation is carried out in an incorrect, dirty way and this causes unsatisfactory operation we will accept no responsibility under guarantee.

Torque for the flange screws

Diameter DN Torque
600 ~ 70 – 90 Nm

The flange screws must be tightened equally and in a crosswise manner. Higher torques can deform the housing so much that the valve can no longer be properly operated or the valve seat may leak.

Outside effects

Outside effects Additional effects such as those caused by items attached to the valve are to be avoided. Connection by items such as bellows is to be avoided.

Max. Allowable effects:

Diameter DN Axial pull-/pushing effect Bending moment
600 ~ 1500 N 100 Nm

If both effects happen together, the values given are invalid.