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Tuthill – Rotary piston vacuum pump Kinney KT-850

Kinney KT 850
Within the KT series the Kinney KT-850 is the most powerful model, but like the other models with a robust construction and a long operation life. The triplex design also ensures a very smooth running and an almost vibration-free operation. Thus, KT Kinney Vacuum Pumps have three piston and crankshaft sets, which are driven by a common shaft and are designed so that the forces resulting from the operation of the pump, are well balanced. The noise of the Kinney KT-850 is 75 dB (A) at 10 torr.

Easy installation in any environment

You can easily place it on a stable surface and operate, with no special devices for attachment or stabilization are required. Even at high suction pressure, a constant oil flow and thus a reliable lubrication is given thanks to the forced lubrication at all times. An adjustable gas ballast valve allows pumping condensable vapors, condensation in the pump oil is thereby prevented. The Kinney KT-850 is also suitable for various applications, such as for vacuum packaging and coating.

Overview of the most important technical data

Nominal suction power at rated speed: 1325 m³
Engine power: 30 kW
Pump speed: 851 UpM
Oil volume: 106 l
Weight: 1.996 kg
Maximum gas ballast ratio: 5 %
Ultimate with 5% Gas Ballast: 2,0 torr / 3,0 mbar
Ultimate: 0,01 torr / 0,013 mbar

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