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Tuthill – Rotary piston vacuum pump Kinney KT-500

Kinney KT 500
From Wernig you get the Kinney KT-500 rotary piston vacuum pump of Tuthill, which counts as a rugged and long lasting choice for different applications. A high pressure oil pump provide a constant and reliable lubrication of the vacuum pump, even at high suction pressure. Typical uses of the KT-500 are for example, applications in vacuum packaging or vacuum coating. In addition, pumping condensable vapors is possible. By the adjustable gas balast valve air can enter the pump chamber, to avoid condesation of the vapors in the pump oil.

High performance - low noise

The large oil capacity also has much tolerance to impurities. Despite the strong suction power to operate at 73 dB (A) at a pressure of 10 Torr at a low noise level. The smooth running and virtually vibration-free operation is made possible by the proven Triplex design. As a result, the Kinney KT-500 from Tuthill can be installed on any firm surface without special measures for fixing or insulation are required. Vacuum pumps of the Kinney KT series are also versatile in its use - even in environments where is likely to dust or dirt.

Overview of the most important technical data

Nominal suction power at rated speed: 840 m³
Engine power: 22 kW
Pump speed: 721 UpM
Oil quantity: 57 l
Weight: 1.225 kg
Maximum gas ballast ratio: 5 %
Ultimate with 5% Gas Ballast: 2,0 torr / 3,0 mbar
Ultimate: 0,01 torr / 0,013 mbar

Expertise and years of experience

Wernig is your expert for Kinney vacuum pumps from Tuthill. We are always prepared for competent services and maintenance of your pumps, benefit from our experience and know how. Consult our team, if you have questions about Kinney KT-500, repair kits, sealing kits and other spare parts, which we have permanently and exclusively in stock. Also, we offer appropriate modifications or individually tailored service contracts to your requirements. Our on-site service is available worldwide

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