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Tuthill Kinney - vacuum pumps & service by Wernig

Tuthill Kinney vacuum pumps stand for absolute reliability and a long operation life. Since 1991 Wernig is the general agent of the company Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems and offers maintenance and spares like seal kits, repair kits and other spare parts for the KINNEY vacuum pumps - exclusively with us for the German-speaking countries in Europe.

Whenever it comes to a vacuum in a wide pressure range, the rotary piston vacuum pumps Tuthill brand Kinney are the optimum choice. Their quality comes in a variety areas for use - from applications to the automotive industry and agriculture on the chemical industry and laboratories through to the electronics industry. Here the principle of operation of oil-sealed rotary piston pumps has proven, through which a low ultimate vacuum and high pumping speeds is made possible at low pressures. Wernig is available as a service partner for vacuum pumps of Tuthill competently and advises you like even if you select the model that suits your requirements.

Designed for flexible application

The oil-sealed vacuum pumps of the KT series of Kinney are characterized both by their high suction from, ranging down to 1 Torr, as well as by their easy installation
that does not require special preparation, such as special foundations, insulators or anchor bolts. The flexible use in many environments and applications thanks to the triplex design of Kinney KT-150, KT-300, KT-500 and KT-850 allows the resultant forces balanced - for a virtually vibration-free operation.

We are your competend partner for maintenance for your Kinney vacuum pumps. So you can set both the quality and the reliability of the various piston pumps ranges from Tuthill Vacuum Systems, as well as the expertise and experience of the company Wernig. As Tuthill distributor, we are your expert in Kinney vacuum pumps, spare parts, maintenance, repair and trade.

An excerpt of our Kinney vacuum pumps

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